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About US

Our History, Our Philosophy + Our Future

ENA Electronics Laboratories is proudly based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since 2000 we have been providing industrial electronic repair services and electronic engineering services to any industry that uses automation in their processes.

Originally Ena named after the daughter of the company founder, Ena Electronics evolved and through word of mouth came to be known simply as the letters E–N–A.

Since then these letters have become a name synonymous in the industry with quality and knowledge. Ever growing and evolving, ENA Electronics Laboratories also offers full repair services for servo motors in addition to their electronic counterparts.

One of ENA's co-owners is a certified electronic engineer and he has structured our laboratory as just that – a laboratory; not a production facility or repair depot. Our exceptional understanding of industrial electronics and servo motors coupled with a clean and structured laboratory environment means that your repairs and engineering projects are getting the attention and testing they deserve.

Each of our repairs is a passion project, each circuit board that we reverse engineer is a work of art.

Let us show you around our Production Facility in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (All photos + test stands are true depictions of our facilities, not just taken from the internet!).

Our Headquarters at 120 Lancing Drive, Hamilton
One of our electronic technician workbenches
A selection of our reverse engineered boards
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Our production facility at 1527 Upper Ottawa
Some of our Test Stands
Our Servo Motor workbench
Electronic technician workbench

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