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About ENA Electronics Inc.

ENA Electronics Laboratories is an engineering company specializing in industrial electronic repair, electronic engineering + reverse engineering + renewable component repair. We are experts in our field + can provide a solution to any industry that uses automation in their processes. If it’s electronic — chances are we can repair it, or redesign it — contact us today for more information.

ENA Electronics Laboratories ( E-N-A ) was originally named after the daughter of our company founder. Since 2000, we have evolved + grown; providing superior quality and outstanding customer service. Today our customers refer to us as E-N-A. These letters have become a name synonymous in the industry with knowledge, quality, and results.

ENA Electronics Laboratories also offers full repair services for servo motors in addition to their electronic counterparts. Our full electronics engineering laboratory is built to provide innovative results and extraordinary problem solving.

In 2015, ENA Electronics continued to grow and began working in the renewable component industry. We have since become experts in the wind and solar industry.

Ever growing and evolving, ENA Electronics is committed and excited to solve problems for our customers in various industries!

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – We Service Customers All Over the World

We currently service the following industries:


Pulp + Paper

Food + Beverage

Wind + Solar



Our team of engineers and technicians treats every repair as a passion project + every circuit board we reverse engineer is a work of art.

Play Video about E N A Electronics Laboratories


[Audio: Instrumental] Soft music plays. It continues in the background throughout the video.

[Scene] Aerial shot of a city, zooming closer. Clips to an open field with wind turbines turning against the sun.


[Scene] Marc Hickling, Laboratory Manager, sits in front of machines with blurred blinking lights. He has short hair and a beard, light skin, and is wearing glasses with a grey zip up polo t-shirt.

[Speaker: Marc] ENA represents quality. Quality is what we’re passionate about.


[Scene] A close up of a circuit board with the ENA logo on it. Cuts to a close up of Amir looking into a microscope. Cuts to Amir Pasalic, Co-President / Founder, sitting in front of a service desk, with blurred lights in the background. He has light skin, short grey hair and a beard, and is wearing an ENA electronics Laboratories black t-shirt.

[Speaker: Amir] A lot of knowledge and, and experience. It’s more than a repair facility. It’s, it’s everything. It’s my passion. It’s my life.


[Scene] The entrance of ENA with light blue walls, white floors, and a staircase in dark blue carpet and white rails with wooden handles. A poster of ENA stands in the background with a small wind turbine beside the stairs. Cuts to the back of Game walking through the service area, with workers in the background. Cuts to Gabe Del Bello, Co-President, sitting against a room window. He has light skin, short brown-grey hair, and is wearing an ENA electronics white collared button up shirt. Then zooms out to Gabe sitting at a desk with his hands folded, in front of a frosted glass window.

[Speaker: Gabe] As you walk in the door, you’ll notice that we’re a tech company. I don’t like to call us a repair company because we’re not. We’re way more than a repair company.


[Scene] Zoom out of the ENA logo in blue with a red maple leaf, against the grey brick building.

[Speaker: Marc] Has it been built from the ground up? I’d say yes, it certainly has.


[Scene] Amir working at a desk with tools and a magnifying glass, in a dark-lit table. With wires and tech on the walls and desk. Cuts to a close-up of a hand working on a circuit board.

[Speaker: Gabe] ENA was founded in my partner’s basement.


[Scene] Close up of Amir sitting and talking.

[Speaker: Amir] Now we are big repair lab.


[Scene] Panning view of the front of the new ENA electronics building. With a brick porch and logo, with two stories of glass windows. Cuts to the inside of the lab with glass doors, blue flooring, and tech equipment.

[Speaker: Gabe] At the present we are in a beautiful 13,000 square foot building.


[Scene] A dark lit room with Test Stands lined up and monitors. Cuts to a pan of workers sitting at their desks. Cuts to a person outside opening up the door on a vehicle. The ENA electronics logo on the door. Cuts to a forklift in a warehouse, then a close up of someone on their tablet in the warehouse. Cuts to a board meeting room with tv screens and a standing banner. Cuts to a panoramic view of a city against the water.

[Speaker: Marc] We now have a whole host of technicians and engineers and admin staff. There’s not many companies in the world that offer the services we do.


[Scene] Close up of Game sitting and talking.

[Speaker: Gabe] We have four divisions of expertise in this company.


[Scene] Marc sitting in front of tech, with a long sleeve grey shirt. Slightly zoomed out from the initial view of Marc. Cuts to a welding machine with flames. Cuts to an assembly line of a circuit board. Cuts to an assembly line of bottled drinks. Cuts to a large turbine view of an industrial structure.

[Speaker: Marc] We repair industrial electronics, steel, automotive, food and beverage, and many of those different types of industry.


[Scene] Close up of Marc focused on the computer monitors he is working on. With wireframe views of circuit boards. Cuts to a closeup of a circuit board, then liquid metal, then a machine used to create the circuit board. A machine stamps a part onto the board. The circuit board moves on a conveyer belt.

[Speaker: Amir] We make schematics, layouts, get the files, fabricate print circuit boards, populate print circuit boards.


[Scene] Game walking through double doors with the ENA logo frosted on the windows. Camera pans to show the engineering room full of desks, chairs, and equipment. Clips to a computer screen.

[Speaker: Gabe] We have a full fledged engineering department that does reverse engineering and new design.


[Scene] Close up of a beige medical machine. Cuts to a military tank, then an aerial view of a nuclear plant in a cityscape. Then cuts to a circuit board being built, a large orange robotic arm.

[Speaker: Marc] So that’s medical, military, nuclear. Then we have server motor repair.


[Scene] Game sitting and talking.

[Speaker: Gabe] Here we work on robotic motors, anything that has a circuit board, we can service.


[Scene] A wind turbine rotating in a field of other wind mills. Then showing solar panels in a field. Cuts to a scene with tubes of bright lights. Then zooming out to show a wall of test stand equipment. Cuts to a scene of Marc adding a component to a stand, then pressing a button on a device. Cuts to a quick scene of a rotating gear. Then an outside scene of an electric car being charged, a wind turbine in the background, and an icon of a battery filling up.

[Speaker: Marc] One of our specialties is renewable energy component repair, because we’ve built testability for it. We’re one of the few companies in the world that can test renewable energy components to the level that we do.


[Scene] Back of Amir sitting a desk working on a component. Close up of his hands. Scene cuts to a device on the wall with wires. Then his hands soldering a component. Returning to the scene where Amir is sitting, talking. Then cuts to a scene of a worker outside with wind turbines.

[Speaker: Amir] My main goal is to show customer that we know electronics. That we have a capability to do electronics. That we have people with knowledge and the experience.


[Scene] Close up of Marc sitting and talking. Cuts to an outside scene of a road against large fields, with wind turbines in the background.

[Speaker: Marc] If we can keep something going, and keep something producing, that’s an incredible opportunity.


[Speaker: Gabe] Here at ENA we support the unsupported, and we will continue to do that into the future.

[Audio: Instrumental] Soft music ends.

[End Scene] A white screen with the blue ENA Electronics Laboratories logo. Including a red maple leaf beside lowercase e n a. Website underneath. Icons of Instagram and Facebook.