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Author: ena

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Repair

Recently we were working on a variable frequency drive and this repair was a hot rush – meaning that an entire line in a factory was down, the need to repair the drive quickly and efficiently was of utmost importance. Once the drive was received into our repair laboratory we

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How To Clone (Snarf) A Secured IC

Sometimes we get programmed ICs which cannot be duplicated by conventional means as the ICs have been secured at programming time which stops unauthorized copying. Unfortunately when a manufacturer goes out of business this proprietary code is lost + if the code was secured on the programmed IC then the

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How to Clone or Snarf A Programmed IC

As mentioned in our previous blog post on Cloning Copying + Duplicating IC’s blog post some IC’s are easier to clone/copy than others. After a study of the market + ensuring that the IC/PCB is indeed obsolete we will first take your PCB + check that we can clone/copy any

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