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Wind Turbine Repair


Ever wondered what it's like to repair electronics at 100M in the air?
Recently we were contracted to do repair and engineering work in the HUB of a wind turbine. The wind farm was in a remote location two hours north of Sault Ste. Marie. Once the equipment was hoisted up to the top of the tower it was now my responsibility to unload the equipment and diagnose the problem. This turbine (now out of warranty) had some issues with the control systems inside the HUB, knowing our wind experience and ability to repair electronics the customer asked if we would take a look at a problem they were having. After diagnosing the issue in the hub I was asked if I wanted a photo at the top of the tower and this is what we got!


ENA Electronics is pleased to announce that our head office has officially relocated to:

1527 Upper Ottawa Street Unit 8, Hamilton

This conveniently places us directly across from our Electronics Laboratory.

Now almost double the size of our previous office, this move embodies the growth ENA has experienced over the last 5 years.

This leap forward/jump comes alongside some exciting developments at ENA. In particular, the expansion of our Reverse Engineering department + new opportunities for us in the Wind Energy sector.

The larger facility will allow us to better serve all our customers as we continue to expand. While staying in Hamilton, we can continue to help build the growth of the tech space here.

All contact information will remain unchanged.

For any questions or concerns, we would be happy to hear from you at: [email protected]

Meet Our New Logo!

new ena logo

What’s in a name?

Our original logo was designed years ago to represent an emerging name in electronics engineering and automation repair — Ena. Named after the daughter of the company founder, Ena Electronics evolved and, through word of mouth, came to be known simply as the letters E–N–A. Since then, ENA Electronics has become a name synonymous in the industry with quality and knowledge.

The past is often hard to part with but, like our company name, nothing truly disappears — it only evolves. Our new logo embodies that evolution and represents what ENA has become and where we are headed.

It would be our pleasure to share both our history and our future with you.

ENA Old Logo

Old Logo Retired 2016


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