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We currently have the following positions available:

Senior Repair Technician (VFD Drives)

> ENA Electronics Laboratories is proudly based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Since 2000 we have been providing industrial electronic repair services and electronic engineering services to any industry that uses automation in their processes.

> Ever growing and evolving, ENA Electronics Laboratories is structured as a laboratory; not just a production facility or repair depot with this in mind we are passionate about providing high quality repairs to our customers.

What’s in it for you?

Obviously we pay well, depending on your experience, and of course there’s a benefit plan. Added to that you’ll be part of a fast paced highly skilled team. As an electronics repair laboratory we pride ourselves on our high test standards, therefore unlike many other companies we constantly invest in new equipment in order to comprehensively test our repairs. For example we recently invested in a Fanuc RJ3i test robot in order to fully test our teach pendant repairs. This is just one of the many ways that we create a high achieving work culture.

> We love innovation. What does that mean for you? Bring your ideas and innovations for repairs and if it can be done we will do it. Recent employee ideas include 3D printing of cases, development of keypads and overlays, as well as battery pack development.

> Many places you work there’s no room for advice or collaboration, here at ENA we pride ourselves on it. Many minds are better than one, and as a Senior Repair Technician we’d expect you to share your knowledge and ideas too.

> Looking to work for a results driven, innovative, growing company? Email us at: [email protected]

What’s expected from you?

- 2-5 Years relevant VFD repair experience – Only experienced candidates will be considered

- 2-4 Year Electronics Degree or Diploma or equivalent is an asset

- Candidates must be able to troubleshoot industrial electronics down to the component level without schematics

- Troubleshooting and Repair AC, VFD,DC and Servo Drives,PLC’s, Power Supplies, Analog and Digital Circuit Boards

- Strong Soldering, Unsoldering, rework skills ( Surface Mount Technology components down to the 16 mil pitch and through-hole components)

- Ability to hit the ground running, strong team player, and hardworking driven individual

Start Date:


Please do not apply if you do not have experience in repairing INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS equipment. Experience is a must for this position.

Electronics Technician

Start a Career in Industrial Electronics

We are a dynamic electronic engineering + industrial repair company with ambition. If you're enthusiastic, if you’re passionate, if you love design + technology, electronics, and programming - tell us, regardless of work experience!

Do you want to work?

Are you looking for a job or do you want to work? It’s a big difference. We all need a job but that does not mean that everybody wants to work. If you or someone you know wants to do something in the field of electronics then you are looking in the right place! Age and education are not crucial, we are more interested in who you are as a person. We all spend the majority of our week working. You could say we live where we work. We want our employees to enjoy coming to work which is why we are looking for electronics hobbyists. This could be the first job in your life. We love teaching and would love to teach you!

Degree or Experience

A University or College education is preferred, but only if you have the ability to use that knowledge in the real world. That being said, if you are someone who has practical knowledge, you are also welcome to reach out. Include some photos of your projects in a cover letter or with your résumé and prove to us that you love electronics!

Surface Mount PCB Board Repair
Component Level Assembly and Repair
Electronic Testing and Repair

The Process of Employment

ENA Electronics Laboratories is unique and so is our interview process. Here is what it looks like:

Step 1

Upon receipt of résumés for an open position we select from a hiring pool of 6-10 candidates.

Step 2

We schedule interviews to talk with the candidates and obtain an understanding of their level of practical and theoretical knowledge in electronics. Bring a project with you; we want to see what you can do!

Step 3

Selection. It is not only a matter of if you are a good fit for us, but it is important that we are good fit for you as well.

Step 4

If you are selected, then welcome to the company! You’ll be set up with a workbench and a colleague will mentor you during your probationary period.

Step 5

Towards the end of the probationary period the company presidents ask two simple questions: Does the new hire fit in and do they increase the productivity of others in their department?

These questions are also posed to colleagues and coworkers and their opinions are influential as the end of the probationary period draws near. The ultimate decision to keep a new hire on board is the collective effort of everyone within the company, not just the presidents or managers.


If you think we're the right fit for you then send us your résumé and covering letter to [email protected]

Outside Sales Representative/Agent

Working closely with the Sales Manager, the Outside Sales Representative/Agent, will work from the road, home, and office to identify and promote ENA Electronics Laboratories to potential customers and distributors.

The Outside Sales Representative/Agent, will be required to balance both potential and existing customer requirements and meet weekly, monthly, and yearly goals and targets. In collaboration with the Sales Manager, the Outside Sales Representative/Agent will be required to develop and implement local strategies and plans to best service and sell to the designated area.

We are seeking a dynamic and outgoing professional sales individual. A background in sales, automation, electronics, electrical, or manufacturing would benefit this individual but is not required. Diploma, certificate, or degree is beneficial to applicant but not necessarily required


Now hiring for Northern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Maritime and Western Provinces. Distributors and Manufacturing Agents welcome.


If you think we're the right fit for you then send us your résumé and covering letter to [email protected]

We appreciate the interest and time taken to apply however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Servo Motor
Teach Pendant
Robot Arm

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