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Our Leadership Team

Gabe Del Bello + Amir Pasalic Founders Photo

After prevously working together for many years, Gabe + Amir rejoined forces to co-own ENA Electronics Laboratories. Amir is responsible for the engineering + repair laboratories, while Gabe manages the sales + marketing dept. ENA Electronics Laboratories has been in existence since 2001.

Amir, with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering( B.S.E.E), has over 30 years experience with reverse engineering + new design. Repairing electronics is something Amir has been doing since he was a young boy. Amir’s passion for electronics shows every day. He is the first in the office + the last to leave. Amir believes in a team atmosphere + it shows the minute you walk through the doors of ENA Electronics Laboratories. His dedication to quality reveals itself in every engineering + repair project.

Gabe has been in the electronics industry for over 25 years. He is well known in the industry for being a stickler for customer service + customer satisfaction. Over the years he has managed some large corporations + has taken that experience to ENA Electronics Laboratories. His passion for customer service, quality, + driving results is clear. Gabe never takes customers for granted. His motto is you are only as good as your last repair. He has been known to drive hundreds of kilometers to pick up a warranty so that he could see the customer in person + offer a remedy.

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