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Our Capabilities

Schematic Capture + Board Design

Schematic Capture + Board Design

We capture the schematic and design the circuit board layout in house making sure you have full control of your final product. If you need extra features or something changing then support is just one call away. We can even Reverse Engineer multi layer PCBs in order to determine how the innner traces are routed, we do this using an X-RAY machine.

Programming Obsolete ICs

Programming obsolete ICs

Lost the code for your obsolete IC? Not to worry assuming that no itellectual rights are breeched then we can often extract the original firmware from your old working board. Often software + firmware can be observed to observe how it functions. For instance the operation of a microprocessor or FPGA/PLD can sometimes be seen by observing the inputs and outputs, at other times though we have to download the assembly code from the chip and decode it manually. If we can't do any of that then we have the skills and talent to re-design your firmware making sure it it has the same functionality as the original product.

Electronic 3D CAD Design

Electronic 3D CAD

Do you have a physical restraint or in need of your PCB to fit a certain dimension? Using our 3D CAD package we can expertly make sure that you not only get the right dimension but your circuit will look great in your product. If you need a particular mechanical clip or bracket making then we can design and make that to using our Prototyping service.

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