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Value added services for Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering includes more than just cloning and upgrading. The process of creating or recreating a full assembly can also include manufacturing covers, casings, or overlays in addition to incorporating batteries into the assembly.

3D Printing

Metal is not always the most conducive medium for all builds. Some things need to be light and ergonomic, yet durable. Both engineering projects and repairs can involve replacing plastic casings but for a custom design and when two dimensions just aren't enough, 3D printing is the best option. Our 3D printer has a large print volume enabling prints up to 400mm x 400mm x 700mm. Our 3D printer is one of the only + largest commerical 3D printers in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Get in touch with your project requirements for a quote.

3D Printing
ENA Logo 3D Printed
Formbot 3D Printer

Vinyl + Lexan Overlays

Much like how a common HMI can have its overlay replaced as part of its repair, so too can a custom overlay be manufactured as part of an engineering project.

Lexan Overlays
Vinyl Overlays
Custom Keypads

Battery Spot Welding

Some assembly is required, but batteries are always included. Using a battery spot welder we can make our own battery packs and battery assemblies for any engineering + repair project. We can produce any battery that you need for backup or your custom project.

Battery Spot Welding
Welding AA Battery Packs
Custom Battery Packs

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