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Renewable Energy Parts Repair

ENA Electronics is happy to announce we are able to repair the following below components. If you do not see your part below; please do not hesitate in reaching out as our capabilities are not limited to the below. ENA Electronics is proud to say that our technical expertise allows your wind and solar farms to keep producing power 24/7.

Contact info: Mike Blangiewicz- Business Development Manager; Renewable Energy
[email protected]

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Renewable Energy Repair: Wind Power

Component Model Number A9B Number
ABB Inverter Drive ACS800N-104LC-0950-7 A9B100049532
ABB Control Unit RDCU-12C
Converteam I/O Board (MW3000) (GE) 20X4390 A9B00050768
Converteam I/O Board (GE) V3021
Converteam Delta Controller (GE) MVC3001-3034
Converteam Delta Controller (GE) MVC3001-3024 A9B10062101
Converteam Main Voltage Monitor (GE) MVC3006-4003 A9B10027038
Converteam SMPS Slave 690VAC (GE) MVC3003-4025 A9B00020978
Converteam SMPS Master 690VAC (GE) MVC3003-4030 A9B00020977
Eaton Controller ATC-800
EcoFit Fan 2VQCu35 A9B10072309
FT Technologies Wind Sensor FT702LT
GE Drive Data Manager MVS3000-4001
GE Energy Control Unit - Pitch 151EX1233DB01SA01R/4
GAT Slip Ring 1312/1406
Gram & Juhl Control System MKI 5000-0010-0006 A9B00400439
Gram & Juhl Control System MKI 5000-0014-0006 A9B10043235
KK Electronics I/O Module V302-1-5 A9B10006955
KK Electronics Grid Module V303-1.21-S A9B00040247
KK Electronics Hud Module V314-3.00-5 A9B10040657
KK Electronics Main Computer V301-2-S A9B00400719
KK Electronics G-Sensor EMC Box V309-1.11 A9B00200419
KK Wind Solutions Hand Terminal V110
KK Wind Solutions Hand Terminal Cable
(ENA Manufactured)
V110 5MTR
Liebert UPS 3000VA 230V L134100BR30 A9B10073295
MTS Cable
(ENA Manufactured)
6X0.25 LIHCH
Orga Obstruction Light L350-864-G-X A9B10162503
Orga Obstruction Light FTS370i
Orga GPS Synchonizer
Orga Conrtoller CIP8503
Phoenix Contact Power Supply QUNIT-PS/1AC/24DC/20 A9B10055770
Siemens Simatic Stic PC Box 627B
SSD Conversion & Motherboard Repair
6BK1800 A9B10032609
Siemens Simatic IBOX PC 6BK1800
Siemens Chloride Power Protection 6AR2406810 A9B00300376
Siemens Sinamics Line Module 1P6SL3130 A9B00030309
Siemens Accessory Circuit Breaker 3WL9354-5AA00-0AA1
Siemens Electronic Valve Actuator SKD82.51U
S&C Electric Capacitor Rack PE-2616-R

Renewable Energy Repair: Solar Power

Component Model Number
Solectria Photovoltaic Inverter PVI-5300
Aurora Photovoltaic Inverter PVI-6000-OUTD-US
Deger Energie Circuit Board LP-0164D
Deger Energie Converter EC6
Deger Energie Control Unit 5100045

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