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ABB Servo Motor Repair

Repairs + Reconditions of all ABB Servo, Spindle, DC + AC Motors

ABB Disassembly, Receiving + Evaluation

ABB Motor Disassembly

When we recieve your ABB motor into our motor shop we tag it + make a note of the serial number + model number so that you can track the status of your repair at any time. We then carefully disassemble your motor to determine what is wrong with the motor so that you get an accurate quote.

Megger Testing ABB Motor

ABB Servo Motor Testing

Once the work is approved we run through a series of tests including, megger testing, surge testing, ohm testing, + thermo testing of your ABB motor, we record the results + provide you with these on repair completion. Whilst we are inside the motor we record all the part numbers + alignments so that if there are future motors with extensive damage we know exactly what parts to use.

Replacement ABB Encoder, Bearings + Seals

ABB Shaft Seals + Bearing Replacement

All moving parts are subject to wear over time, so, for preventative maintenance we replace all shaft seals, bearings + o-rings, regardless of original condition.

ABB Shaft Testing

Bent Shaft Testing

The rotors are then evaluated to see if the shaft is bent, or if it needs balancing. We then torque test the brake to ensure it holds as much force as the manufacturer states.

ABB  Encoder Test

ABB Encoder Testing

We then test the encoders + feedback systems for defects + errors on our Mitchell feedback system allowing us to get accurate data all the time - every time.

Sealed ABB Motor

ABB Torque Seals

We always ensure we paint + torque seal our motors. This is so that you have complete assurance that we have done our work + no-one else has interfered with the motor. We then protect the output shaft + the motor is sent for quality control.

ABB Test Report

Test Report

Test reports are written + printed from the earlier testing. These reports are then passed to the quality control manager who checks to ensure you will be satisfied the moment you receive your ABB servo motor back in your factory.

Allen Bradley Count Test

ABB Count Test

Upon request we can provide you with your encoder count test proving that your encoder is working based on our mitchell system output.

Final ABB Motor

Quality Control

Next we package the motor carefully + either you can pickup or one of our many local sales representatives in the Hamilton, GTA + Niagara region can drop it off.

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