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Baumuller Servo Motor Repair

Repairs + Reconditions of all Baumuller Servo, Spindle, DC + AC Motors

Baumuller Motor Disassembly, Receiving + Evaluation

Baumuller Motor Disassembly

After putting your motor into our tracking system we evalutate it by disassembling it to determine what faults or wear can be seen on the motor. The alignment is recorded for reassembly.

Baumuller Insulation Test

Baumuller Insulation Test

A critical part of our servo motor repair is to check the insulation resistance, to do this we use a megger to check the insulation of the coil to the case passing high voltage through the motor ensuring that your motor is safe to use.

Baumuller Motor Resistance Testing

Resistance Testing

On all of our servo motor repairs we check the resistance of the windings to make sure there are no shorts between windings + no shorts to ground.

Baumuller Brake Torque Test

Brake Torque Test

Baumuller specifies a brake holding strength + we ensure that the brake holds to this force. This ensures that when your brake is on, it stays on.

Baumuller Feedback Test on Mitchell System

Baumuller Feedback Test on Mitchell System

Using our state of the art Mitchell System we ensure that the feedback portion of the motor is correctly functioning. If it is not, we repair it, or in some cases replace it completely.

Baumuller Torque Seals

Torque Seals

Every Baumuller motor that leaves ENA Electronics is torque sealed so you have confidence that we will stand behind our warranty as long as the toque seal is intact.

Back of Baumuller Motor

Quality Assurance

Once the motor has been fully repaired our Quality Assurance Manager takes the motor + checks the repair. Through our quality assurance program we make sure that your motor will work first time for you in service.

Indramat Encoder Test

Baumuller Final Motor

Finally the motor is packaged, terminal + shaft caps are added + the unit is sent to you.


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