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Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

Repairs + Reconditions of all Fanuc Servo, Spindle, DC + AC Motors

Motor Disassembly, Receiving + Evaluation

Fanuc Motor Disassembly

The moment a Fanuc motor is recieved into our motor shop it is tagged + recorded so that you can track the status of your repair. The motor is then evalutated by disassembling it to determine what faults or wear can be seen on the motor. All part numbers + alignments are recorded + archived for to future motors with extensive damage, + for accurate repair.

Stock Replacement Fanuc Seals

Fanuc Shaft Seals + Bearing Replacement

All shaft seals, bearings + o-rings are replaced regardless of original condition with seals direct from the OEM ensuring you get the best quality every time.

Megger Testing Fanuc Motor

Fanuc Servo Motor Testing

All Fanuc motors repaired by us are run through a series of tests including, megger testing, surge testing, ohm testing, + thermo testing.

Fanuc Torque Testing

Torque Testing

The rotors are then tested for keyway damage, bent shaft, balancing + magnet strength on top of this the brakes are tested for damage + torque tested for manufacturers holding strength.

Fanuc Fan Cover

Fans + Cooling ports

Fan, Fan Covers, cooling ports + other added heaters are reconditoned or replaced as required. Often these come to us very dirty, in fact in some cases just cleaning the fan housing + fan makes a huge difference.

Fanuc Motor Seal Replacement

Fanuc Bearing + Clip Replacement

All bearings, clips, + o-rings are replaced regardless of original condition + Bearing housings + flanges are tested for clearance + wear, the motor is cleaned, all parts replaced, reassembled, aligned.

Fanuc Encoder Test

Fanuc Encoder Testing

Next, the motor is cleaned, all the parts are fully replaced in the order they were removed, the servo motor is reassembled + we align the encoder using our dynamic Fanuc feedback system.

Painted + Sealed Fanuc Motor

Fanuc Torque Seals

Torque seals are added to our motors, + motors are epoxy painted with our custom paint formula, all connectors including the output shaft have protection added.

Final Fanuc Motor

Quality Control

The unit then passes through our Quality Control + is inspected by our quality control manager, a detailed repair report is made, + an encoder count test is provided.

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