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Yaskawa Servo Motor Repair

Repairs + Reconditions of all Yaskawa Spindle, Servo, DC + AC Motors

Motor Disassembly, Receiving + Evaluation

Motor Receiving + Evaluation

We see a relatively large amount of Yaskawa motors in our motor shop + to ensure that the motors are tracked we serialise the motor this allows you to track the status of your repair. The motor is then evalutated by disassembling it to determine what faults or wear can be seen on the motor.

Replacing Yaskawa Bearings + Seals

Yaskawa Bearing + Seal Replacement

We replace all Yaskawa bearings, shaft seals, + o-rings reguardless of the condition on every repair, this allows us to be confident that we will not see bearing failures in the field.

Megger Testing Yaskawa Motor

Yaskawa Servo Motor Testing

After evalution the Yaskawa motors are run through a series of tests including, megger testing, surge testing, ohm testing, + thermo testing.

Rotor Keyway Testing

Keyway Testing

The rotors are then tested for keyway damage + any bent shafts, the rotor is balanced + the magnet strength is checked. We then test the brakes for damage + torque test them against the manufacturers holding strength.

Motor Feedback + Encoder Testing

Motor Feedback Testing

We then test the feedback using an oscilloscope checking for defects + errors that can be caused by faulty electronics, any problems can then be repaired in our electronic repair laboratory.

Motor Seal Replacement

Yaskawa Bearing + Seal Replacement

We believe it's essential to replace all seals + bearings so on every motor we service that is exactly what happens. We also check the bearing housings + flanges are tested for clearance + wear, the motor is then cleaned, all parts are replaced, reassembled, aligned.

Yaskawa Test Rig

Yaskawa Motor Testing

We then test your Yaskawa servo motor on a fully functional Yaskawa drive to ensure your motor will run the moment you install it. A video of the working motor is uploaded to our youtube channel.

Painted + Sealed Yaskawa Motor

Yaskawa Motor Painting

Motors are epoxy painted with our custom paint formula, torque seals are added, + all connectors including the output shaft have protection added.

Servo Motor Test Report

Quality Control

The unit then passes through our Quality Control + is inspected by our quality control manager, a detailed repair report is made, + an encoder count test is provided upon request

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