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ENA Electronics Laboratories Warranty Policy

Our laboratory environment dramatically reduces the amount of warranty claims we receive. However, warranties do happen. Here’s how it works.

All products repaired, manufactured, or remanufactured by ENA Electronics are warranted against defect for a period of one (1) year in service or 15 months on the shelf. This warranty covers, but is not necessarily limited to, the workmanship performed by ENA Electronics. This warranty includes, at ENA’s discretion, the successful repair of a valid warranty claim, the replacement of the unit, or an in-house credit equivalent to the cost of the original repair or manufactured item.

Within one (1) year in service or 15 months on the shelf a unit repaired by ENA may be returned for a free warranty evaluation. Applicable warranty coverage is determinant upon the results of this free evaluation and that the defects claimed have not been deemed by ENA to have been caused by actions including, but not limited to, mishandling, neglect, improper installation, improper storage, unauthorized field repair, improper courier handling, accident, or any circumstances over which ENA has no control

ENA is not liable for consequential damages or liabilities including, but not limited to, damages or injury to persons or property, income or commercial loss, production loss due to down time, or costs incurred to remove any item that is to be returned for warranty evaluation.

Items returned for warranty evaluation will be returned at the expense of the customer in areas where free pickup and delivery is not available. In areas where free pickup and delivery is available the return of an item for warranty evaluation will depend on the availability and schedule of the area representative.

Any damage suspected as the result of improper packaging must be reported to ENA within three (3) days of the item being returned.

ENA is in no way associated with or sanctioned by any OEM or manufacturer to repair any unit under a manufacturer’s warranty that may or may not exist at the time of repair or warranty evaluation.

Removing any ENA or warranty repair stickers from a unit at any time automatically voids the unit’s warranty.

Download the Return Authorization Form.

1 year warranty

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