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ENA Electronics is happy to announce we are able to support, repair + supply the following components:

Manufacturer Part Number Wind Turbine Number Description
MVDL800-4704-97 800 Amp Delta Module with Core Exchange - Repair
MVC3001 - 3034 A9B10066674 Delta Controller 3034 (3043)
MVC3001 - 3024 A9B10062101 Delta Controller 3024
MVC3003-4025 A9B00020978 SMPS 575-690VAC (Slave)
MVC3003-4030 A9B00020977 SMPS 575-690VAC 1275 Volt Trip (Master)
MVS3000-4001 Drive Data Manager
MVC3006-3003-99 A9B10027038 MVC3006 - Mains voltage monitor
MVC3001-3034A Delta Controller
MVC3003-4030PP GE Energy Power Supply
20X4390/10C A9B00050768 Delta I/O Board - Repair
41Y8474/10 Complete Ribbon Cable Assembly Type 28
S20X4390/10 A9B00050768 I/O Board (MW 3000 Type 2)
V302-1-5 A9B10006955 I/O 1 Module (WTC-3)
6BK1800-0WP20-0AA0 STIC PC Box - Conversion from HD to SSD
6BK1000-6WP40-0AA0 STIC PC Box - Conversion from HD to SSD
V303-1.21-S A9B00040247 Grid Module (WTC-3)
V314-3.00-5 A9B10040657 Hub Module II (WTC-3)
V301-2-S A9B00400719 Main Computer - WTC3 V301-2.12
L134100BR30 A9B10073295 UPS 3000VA 230V
A9B10056296 N/A
3WL5225-4F3 Siemens Cubicle Bus

Note this page is currently under construction and will be updated to reflect our full capabilities shortly.

If you have any emergency rush requests please email [email protected]

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